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Even in the developed world, the most beautiful women -- especially the most beautiful -- suffer under the pressure and oppression of beauty.

Stunning and articulate model Cameron Russell, for example, admits to having extremely low self-esteem in her TED Talk, "Looks Aren't Everything." Girls and women strive to be seen as beautiful, she says, because society tells us that's what matters. But to take it further, Sir, what you're saying is that beauty isn't truth; beauty is youth.

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They love being around animals and have a special touch with them. Yet, in reading your letter, one would surmise that wealthy men seek only strong, solid investments in their romantic partnerships -- not the beauty and youth that Ms. It's almost as if you've spent so much time in the bank, Sir, that you missed the "trophy wife" trend that's been happening around us for years.Case in point: Canadian politician Rod Zimmer, 69, is married to Maygan Sensenberger, 23; in 2008, Hugh Hefner, now 87, had a live-in relationship with 19-year-old twin models before marrying Crystal Harris, 26, last year."Your beauty will fade," you opine, "but my money will not be gone without any good reason.The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can't be prettier year after year." I ask you to define beauty. Or does beauty come with the confidence built over years of experience, with the strength that surfaces in times of hardship, with the self-awareness found through exploration and life lessons?

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