Who is dating nikkisixx

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So we walked back to the apartment Nikki and me holding hands and Emma and Justin holding hands.

Then he asked me if I wanted a piggy back ride I said yes but I knew it was only so he can touch my butt. Justin and me talked while Emma and Nikki got the Coke and jack. We were messed up Emma and Justin ended up staying the night.

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and back then, she still harbored some ill-feelings toward Nikki.She knew me and Nikki liked each other so she asked if we were dating yet but sadly I said no.Before I knew it I was on stage dancing getting watched but I didn't care.Sources young and old have been there, and done that for sure. If you hook up with any of these men and they don’t live up to expectations, do not blame me! So if you find a report you disagree with, let me know!What’s big to one girl is small to another, and vice versa. This is a basic guideline of what you can possibly expect. Metal Sludge is not responsible for offensive comments.

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