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She explained Francis Albert (his former name) was her mothers dog.

Her mother died and now Alfie was being passed back and forth from Smeralda to her brother, and they thought he should have a great home in the country.

Brooke said that she was hoping that Fudge would calm down, however there is no sign of it yet.

Fudge, who originally had a chocolate coat has now turned completely gray and has reached the age of sixteen.

Actually by the time we left I told Smeralda that I wanted the little dog-she said fine and off we went to the Catskills Alfie was 8 yrs old, and he had been a companion to 2 older women who both had died.

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Words can not express how much he will be missed LUCIA: Beloved companion, super model. She was the beloved companion of Murry Weinstock, Musical Director of the Dachshund Festivals in Washington Square park and songwriter. Introducing "Summerwind's Uptown Buddy, familiarly known as BUDDY. He has begun puppy training and is now eager to please.

So that's the way we lived until May 2014 when I thought he might have tooth problems and possibly pain when we were in Fla.

The dental had to be done, but between all the shots he probably shouldn't have had etc he developed dementia -with seizures. Sincerely Suzy Cohen-Hummingbird Designs ALFIE -Dearly beloved longhair dachsie, companion to Suzie Cohen, has passed after eighteen glorious years, Alfie was rescued by Suzie when he was about two years old.

Years ago I was in a car with my sister who was driving.

Suddenly I saw a little red dachshund dash out into the street from behind a large hedge. Finally I was catching up with her as she swerved behind the hedge where I first saw her darting out of.

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