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One thing that does grate my boobs though is that the animations change with each sentence you’re saying.“Sure,” I bet you’re thinking, “that’s because your emotions change depending on what’s being said”.Unless you offer someone an iced tea when really they want a beer; in which case, it’s best if you just go and eternally lock yourself in a cupboard now, according to Ubisoft at least.One good thing though; it makes you feel like a god if you’ve successfully got a boyfriend and lasted for more than two days. -Sian Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011.

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The fantastic thing about this game is that it captures the personality of the player perfectly. To be honest, the graphics aren’t bad to say it was a handheld game released in late 2004.You are given some choices through the game though and those choices do play a part in how your relationships develop.The story and events are heavily scripted and linear though.That’s true, but at least I have more emotions than a broken mannequin.In the game, you can literally only experience anger, flirtatiousness, suspicion or laughter, which makes you look like a huge dick when you’re asking how someone is as you fold your arms and look down your nose at them.

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