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Advertisers ar« requested to notify us Immediately it an-error in price if disrovered. York:' 47lh ·Stree V and ' Htotallnj: Wotjlwotth Building. She was favored wito toe toe joint committee dodged a few lead in her first high school operetta, of toe more highly controversial js- Barbara 'kept singing and later -was sues, butrdid recommend some dras- CQmp ljjnented wito an offer, to »udi- tic changes in the organizational aon ^^ ^ faa^ pjjjj Spitalny unit She failed to accept the chance e - hom( her ·"' keyboard technique, cut, town and operations of Congress. It is less likely speak a Ml S o'clock on housing. is a broad subject The direction the' H it were, there would probably be takes, however, and the con- Jan unbecoming storm of protest not tribution made to the housing.~situa- Peasant to witness. -Jy witotoe present critical r .,k6t^.ir^.5h.or^gj^_^^_ x ^_.^_^ r j Families are doubling up. a very mild way of'telling the/story, j corifusmg.ckims'pf"^ In some cases- three or sons j efficiency and bad faith--5ome"njali- have returned iservice {wi to -I clous, .others arising from honest habit . live wito toeir brides except in conflicting replies. 'ft advertiser* desire proots fixed ppsi- " lions, or. exceeding KO inches, tfceir copy mist 6* lii our handi by. mall clerk, of your hotel or telephoned to loogarre 4610. CHef among these was toe whit-; ^ s ta y ed tling down of standing committees, ( f o jj{. The mo- :,"although in your you know you are toe same. That is not a tion in Fitchburg will probably de- 1 flattering thing to say about Ihe pend to large measure upon the in* ~ =~~_ ^ ,, ' 06 TM 311 / P f *** * » a quick glance about -re^ terest shown by toe audience, and " , ,. tfired hi a locomotive will haul more-granted top iirst charter for mm-., Sfi Hirel: Melbourne is city of.' than a million pounds of freight I ing of coal. i.£2-Sbikenartt --'--'' ~-" '. veterans who are over-charging rentals of living quarters, or those property owners who are asking and getting _ei ·orbifcarit" prices : veterans for housas? Can toexommumty rf litchbwfc tf jwa don't watch out chines are-operated, is a gesture ih a t | H^vjdud citizens ^dorgai^d - , » * * is as unimpressive as-it is futile. J53ul«u At Jugk by tot noble examples of his father and mother, be works his wav upward to a succes* which, is as assured in his cast as it wsf for an Alger hero. His children have these alternatives: to abide by toe stem and simple precepts of their parents' faith, or to enjoy toemselvas by toe use of toeir parents' money. Expected approval of Baruch's nomination will leave to the special to open the bidding light, so he opened today's hand with a diamond. -- j ^ir-f\ifvn do this, however, you roust bear in; » J^v ' » * mind that vour partner believes that', you have an opening bid. opening a shaded bid, you do not have the right to. I played some rubber bridge in Pittsburgh- recently - with Paul W E 8 Dtaler 732 Rubber--Neither l? State House News BOSTON, March 27 --- The legislative committee on legal affairs today was scheduled to continue a hearing : on a proposal-under which' toe racing of any horse two years of age or under would be prohibited in Massachusetts. Some of the questions that might conceivably bit asked-- and possibly answered-- at the forum Sunday are: Is it possible in Fitchburg to bring about a temporary relaxation of building regulations so that erection of adequate dwelling units may be speeded? - »* consider it to be its 'function to track-down those, gougers of. clarify toe national f Wher last summer's hat is taken is a new form- of gambling going on in certain circles today: Grinning hopefuls are betting In Washington Piano t Cominuca~frora One) piano, just ju ner WASHINGTON, March 27--Late musician, had a yen for toe clatinet. ment is incapable of tracking down *f* ·» ** rivalry to grab for our- toe true owners of illegally-operated s« ve s we may not crowd out ;ffie iriachines is to admit a serious state [ men and women who have .given j of weakness on toe part of toe forces [so much to us in the years and faut who are supposed to be protecting m0 "."^ "*** have "nearly a year of study and hearing everybody from cabinet members, Love is ab~6ut toe only thing that j senators and representatives following that wito ': four yean- as pianist wito toe high. Barbara took it seriously and ca emocrat, introduced bills, back with "two sharps, key of D. Robinson didn't take it too result the Michigan senator withdrew his request that the 75-year- old park bench statesman testify before the committee.

Just J J, To sell what you've got and buy what you want, call 1-800-WANT-ADS "For non-commercial items only. Financial services, money to loan, money waited, For non-commercial items i. householdmerchandise items, or privately owned automobiles. We accept the following Merchandise Household household equipment Apparel, antiques & collectibles, hobbies S cnfts, items, office & machinery, commertcal restauhnt 170-190,460-870 J7 f JI"u1:l IJ:.t.J A picture is worth a thousand words. Tne pu Diisners reserve the right to edit or reject any advertising copy submitted for publication. wito NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE MICHIGAN STRATEGIC FUND ISSUANCE OF LIMITED OBLIGATION REVENUE BONDS ON BEHALF OF J Part Time exp such as Assist. collections are minimal assist the company in financing the construction of an approximated 91.500 snuare foot manu 9 IUU (. 48083 make dough ana patters; snai inri hake ume to make breac strate to tne u i b gooo cause wny you could not submit a timely AAi Kt hjtve knowledae with Fanuc to meet customer neeas; w nours rakes, rookies and Macedonia ty, Micnigan itne -t-rotecr i ne Project will be owned by the Company and leased to Triangle Products, Inc., a Michigan corpo comment; and (2) tne uo con-riuriec that vour comment ad controls ano nave u wyen (Also knowledae with Oki week, B:w e.m, to r.w p.m., t if, ? 6 Employees, agents and inde-nnrint contractors of Detroil I AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ALL CRIMINAL CASES LET JOSEPH A. the nature ot the issues or tacts you propose to discuss In the meeting and the reasons why written submissions are insufficient to adequately address these facts or issues. X' TIONl' ACi L CLASSIFICATION CLASSIFICATION Financial . Some Restrictions Apply investments, patents S inventions 1400-1445 P9 9am to 4pm, Monday-Friday Phone: Call us at 1-800-Want-Ads or (810)977-7500 (810)977-7600 (Real Estate) Fox: (810) 977-2180 or (810)826-7123 Mail: Detroit Newspapers P. Box 8001 Sterling Heights, MI 4831 1-8001 Pending credit approval, you will be billed at the end of the ad run. All ads are sud- within the Classified section(s) is na limited to the actual cost of the first insertion. We shall not be liable for any bonds by the msf on oenait ot Trljinnle Allendale Prooertie S, Central Regional Office located at 200 West Madison Street, Suite drivers lie. of the oi repa rmainieiiaiitc c Write training programs in En-niidvanri French, fncludino oui- in 25 days after the tiling jtnrillrxtinn with the OTS. Marc Soble 1-800-395-4065 sult Ulman & Ulman MB-cm-woo- w credit or taxing power of the State Be sure to see Speaking From The Heart that appears every Sunday and Friday in the Detroit News & Detroit Free Press Classifieds. Attorneys For more details about and tne grana prize arawtny. not exceed the portion of the space occupied Dy tne error ano is Your call may be monitored by a supervisor for training purposes. BAHER Melvtndale, Ml Needs Technician Wanted hr. i h-iwp il kinds of donuts and technicians Sl O'hr. train, assign & monitor employ APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ORGANIZE A per Fiat Rate i o siani Heavy Engine Repair Akn needed are exoerienced Legal Notices, Bids & Proposal! Dodi Independent Contractors Wanted ees; purcnase ingreaiem a of kitchen. j nhrrtbrs to the Weekend pm; J8.30'nr.; requires i yrs. Any comment submitted should recite relevant facts, including otters medical, cental, paio vaca-tinn. n Call 810-977-7500 or 1-800-WANT APS FAX 810-gf77-2180 fctty.;r.mccrc:r? The publishers shall not be liable for jng sales representative. rcru N f in; - nnnnnt is mr na NOTICE OF FILING OF AUTO PARTS paker tor oonu T snop. or call 800-795-7203 ennnites: contro inventory 40111 Van Dyke(l7'i FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK pmto pm, Mon.-Fn., 0 noiiwk H Grad, 2 vrs. in Mile), needs a shipping and re oanery & lioc wui bum f'mi altif maintain service & food MAY THE SACRED HEART OF This is to inform the public that under Sections 543,2 and 552.1 ot the Rules and Reaulations for the mg stock ciem. Participate in meetings with managers and customers to training programs Receive extra fees for monies collected Routes available in: ents according to recipes to loss or expense mat results rrom the publication (whether published correctly or not) or omission of on advertisement. 3) Only subscriptions registered to a individual subscription and not to businesses or similar entities shall be eligible for any awards. Send re- Pay Per Call dresses a significant regulatory concern and will assist in disposition of the application.

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