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Luckily, there'sa list for parents to keep track of to stay in the loop., the Humberside Police in the United Kingdom handed out a sexting code sheet cheat to worried parents to help protect their children from secretly exchanging explicit messages.Although we haven't seen a copy of it, the and other news sites say the sheet contains acronyms like "IWSN" meaning "I want sex now" and "PAW," which is used to alert message receivers that parents are watching.Your partner might be bored with the relationship, or he or she may be interested in other people.Whatever the reason is, your LDR is suffering because of it.

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A good friend—a young woman who is usually warm and social—greets anyone who tries to leave her a voicemail with the following: “Don’t bother leaving a message here because I won’t listen to it. I asked friends and clients how they feel about keeping in contact with people over the phone.

For example, if you’re finding that you’re always ditching plans with your friends for Skype dates with your SO, that’s a problem.

Your LDR could also be holding you back from other opportunities.

The goal is simply to connect the other person’s happenings—the “what-did-you-do-todays”—with how that person .

Let’s say your sister tells you she’s spent the last few days working on an article for publication. ” ask, “Do you enjoy writing articles like this one?

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