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It was clear my guy didn’t want a left-leaning girlfriend, and I couldn’t express my feelings freely.Still, a few weeks later, on Valentine’s Day, my beloved curated the perfect 48-hour love fest, and the cloud of politics never made it to the bedroom.Once upon a time — two decades ago — we lived a fairy tale romance. Nervously, we agreed to meet and instantly realized that the spark was still there."We have the greatest love story," he proudly announced to my girlfriends when we reunited. When his curated mix of love songs arrived in the mail, two hearts resealed, and we resumed our romantic journey toward a second chance at love.After a decade-and-a-half apart, we were, admittedly, different people with dissimilar lifestyles.

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Couples were splitting up in "you’re fired" style — that is, instantly and without warning.For a woman with a big and public voice, I remained unusually quiet, with the hope that he’d calm down after the voting frenzy was over.Slowly, I started to pull away from him and I felt him doing the same.Blissfully, we started merging our lives with music as our backdrop.We posted photos online, looking deliriously happy.

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