Cyrano dating agency soundtrack

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Min Yeong works as a dating agent and while her field of work requires her to offer her clients the perfect match by levels, she romantically believes that love shouldn't have restrictions.

She risks getting into trouble as she plans a date between a low level class client and a higher rank woman.

You don’t get a demo fee, so only one of the 15 gets their money back, but the end rewards can be quite good in England.

It’s usually somewhere between £10,000 and £30,000 pounds, but you have to do 10 pitches before you win one — if you ever win one! That is the English situation, but we work all over the world.” According to Hans, pitch requirements vary enormously, but the agencies usually ask Massive to either search out a suitable selection of existing tracks, or come up with a set of original music ideas, cut roughly to fit whatever edit or brief has been provided at that stage.

“What happens next depends on the relationship you have with them and what they called you for,” explains Hans.

“A music search could include any music ever made: it could be an old demo track that we have on file or a track by Madonna.

Dating Agency: Cyrano merupakan drama yang tayang setiap hari Senin dan Selasa pada pukul 23.00 waktu Korea Selatan di channel TVN seperti dilansir

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The brief itself come to us in different stages and there are a thousand different possibilities for how detailed it can be.

Also vital to the company’s success is a worldwide pool of approximately 75 freelance composers who provide Massive with the ability to serve just about any musical style that is required.

While Hans takes care of business matters, Auke Riemersma runs the two in–house studios, where he is either recording music from scratch or editing material freelancers have created in their own home studios.

A very short piece of music can earn a very large amount of money if it’s the soundtrack to a TV ad, but competition for these spots is fierce.

The founders of Massive Music, specialists in sourcing music for the advertising industry, explain what it takes to succeed.

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