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Today, to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Narrow Stairs, we’re revisiting that story here. I’d spent years wondering what it looked like, wondering what it would be like to be here.Part I Why did I think I was going to come here and have this place change my life? And now here I am, sleeping in the same room Kerouac slept in.I realized some things about myself that I don’t really like, and to come back here and be reminded of all that made me feel really anxious from the moment I first turned down the driveway. I’m just as confused now as I was when I got here six months ago.And when I returned to start thinking about this essay, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be back. It was hard, hard work, all the time-—hours and hours and hours of homework.I heard the first record, and I kinda thought that was OK, and I kinda tuned out.But your band is really a lot better than people give it credit for.” Sean Nelson said it best: “No one likes what I like, that’s how I like it.” It’s as though people think, “I’m such an individual that I like things that nobody’s even heard of before.I went out of my way to find music and books and movies that are so obscure that I am an individual, and I am interesting because I like interesting things.” But that’s not true.

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I recognize all the things that people dislike about the way he writes—his tone and the sentimentality of it all.

You have to hear this Death Cab for Cutierecord, Something About Airplanes, it is mind-blowing, it’s so good.” And the reality is, no, it’s not.

It’s a decent record, but it’s by no means our best record. I’d like to think I’m a far better writer now than I was 10 years ago.

But those books were there for me at a very important point in my life.

And moments in Big Sur are starting to become very analogous to my life, where I show up in a town and call up my friends, and I’m like, “Guys, we gotta go out.

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